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Daily Archives: July 2, 2018

Are You And Your Family Prepared Should Disaster Strike?

“Our hearts are in our throats,” said a distraught California property owner waiting to hear whether wildfires raging in Northern California had destroyed her home and everything in it. Wildfires consumed 9.7 million acres in the United States in 2017 and continue to be a challenge in 2018. Since fireworks go hand in hand with holidays, keep in mind that ...

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Even a pre-season ticket to see LeBron in L.A. commands a 400% premium over last year

The Lakers got their (latest) marquee player with the Sunday signing of LeBron James and fans appear willing to pay up steeply for a chance to see the star forward try to restore the storied Los Angeles franchise’s mystique. Lakers’ season tickets tracked on StubHub before the deal announcement Sunday were $ 3,499 each. Twenty minutes after the announcement those ...

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Rental prices are soaring around the US

Median asking rent for one-bedroom apartments across the US rose 4% in June compared to a year ago, to $ 1,209. And for a two-bedroom, it rose 3.7% to $ 1,442. But these averaged-out national figures gathered from advertised for-rent apartments in multifamily buildings hide the city-by-city drama on the ground, with rents plunging in some of the largest and ...

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Tablet market sees revenue growth in Brazil

Revenue from sales of tablet devices has seen an increase in the first quarter of 2018 in Brazil, according to research from analyst firm IDC. Some 768,000 devices were sold in the first three months of the year. While this is only a 0,1 percent increase in the number of tablets sold in relation to the same period last year, ...

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