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Daily Archives: August 5, 2018

IoT boom will change how data is analysed

As more devices come online, each generating data, the way information is analysed and used to facilitate machine learning will have to change. Data is key to improving the accuracy and predictions of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) systems–the more images of apple and oranges it is fed, the better it will be at distinguishing the two. The “smart… ...

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Is Apple's brand now bland? Of course it is

Video: Apple approaches trillion mark, expanding big tech’s market mega-clout Featured stories There’s change that you can believe in — and there’s change that you just have to accept. We all fool ourselves into thinking that some small moment of our past was golden and that we can recreate it. Also: <a href="… Latest news

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Everything You Need To Know About Headboards

Did you make your bed today? Do you have a headboard? Then your bed isn’t really made. A headboard is the finishing touch on any bed, and there are numerous ways to go that can increase your style profile or introduce a whole new look to your space. Go Upholstered For that plush, pulled-together look, you can’t go wrong with ...

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