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Daily Archives: October 1, 2018

Don’t Miss Events: Get Small and Emerging Business Development certified … Learn how to take advantage of Facebook for businesses … Hear from the National WWII Museum vice president at Southeastern’s annual marketing breakfast

Tuesday: Learn how your business can benefit from the Small and Emerging Business Development Program, by getting SEBD certified at Southern University’s Main Office from 10 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, Oct. 2.  Louisiana Economic Development’s Small and Emerging Business Development Program provides the managerial and technical assistance training needed to grow and sustain a small business. </sp… Business News

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How banks, customers benefit from artificial intelligence

The banking industry lately has pointed to Erica, the virtual financial assistant offered by Bank of America, as a prime example of how financial institutions can use AI concepts in everyday digital banking experiences with customers. The concept of virtual assistants has become more commonplace thanks to the proliferation of Amazon Echo and similar devices in U.S. households. Banks stand to ...

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The new iPhones look fine, but my old one is better than ever

APPLE’S new offerings are so good that I’m not buying a new iPhone. I expect to save hundreds of dollars this year and enjoy what I’ve already got, because, thanks to Apple, my old iPhone 6 is performing better than ever. This is the result of two unusual moves by the trillion-dollar corporation. One was Apple’s release recently of a ...

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Brands must evolve with markets, but must stay true to their values

WHAT ARE THE KEY FACTORS FOR GOOD BRANDING? WHAT ARE ITS SUCCESS COMPONENTS? I THINK a good brand does two things really well. One, it knows what people want from it. I think this is something a lot of organisations overlook because they just sit in a room and do not get out enough into the real world to understand ...

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Brian’s The Month in Brief

New vocabulary Thanks to Inc. magazine and its “Jargonator” column, we learn about new words entering the vocabulary. This month, I learned about ‘cyberloafing’. It’s personal internet usage while on the company’s dime. Inc’s editor pondered whether a better word for this should be ‘underload’. Personally, I see a lot of this behavior at analyst events where analysts are streaming ...

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