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Daily Archives: December 9, 2018

2018 technology trends that'll matter a decade from now

This year, like previous years, featured a bevy of buzzword laden technologies, but we at ZDNet are fatigued by the never-ending stream of acronyms. With that fatigue in mind, we put together a simple test for the year in technology. What technologies talked about today will actually matter in a decade? Here’s a look at the technologies compiled by Larry ...

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What does Futures mean for Bitcoin?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] … form of digital cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Some companies like Goldman … of the futures of bitcoin There are two significant … consequences of bitcoin’s futures. Bitcoins may … its prices. Trade of Bitcoin Futures You have two marketplaces … … Bitcoin Search Results

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Blockchain, often seen as tech’s next big thing, struggles to get traction

When developers at startup Eximchain Inc. set out to build a reliable global supply chain network for companies to find business partners and guarantee the integrity of transactions, they turned to the most likely solution today: blockchain. But as they looked to build the network upon a public blockchain, they quickly ran into a fundamental problem. Public blockchains are permissionless, ...

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