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Daily Archives: January 13, 2019

This Simple ‘Trick’ Could Be The Secret To Warren Buffett’s Success

Deciding whether to buy or sell stocks is often a difficult decision. There are always reasons to be bullish, with the track record of stock markets showing that over time they generally make higher highs. However, there are also always risks facing stocks, industries and economies. As such, siding with a bullish or bearish standpoint is a continual struggle for ...

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ANC manifesto: Land, jobs and blockchain

Ahead of South Africa’s elections in May, President Cyril Ramaphosa unveiled the ruling African National Congress (ANC) manifesto. The BBC’s Andrew Harding unpacks the key themes from his speech. President Ramaphosa walked into a packed Moses Mabida stadium in the coastal city of Durban like a CEO preparing for a board meeting. No dancing. No singing. He delivered the ANC’… ...

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A Bank Portfolio Of 12 High Quality 'Buffett Banks'

[unable to retrieve full-text content] … mere mortals do not. Banking laws block companies like his … but the addition of several banking and investment experts. As noted … banking and investment acumen like you see at most big banks … niche bank focuses on affluent banking, a segment that historically …… Banking Industry News

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Fundamental Business Analysis

“Getting inside the guts of a business and understanding how it works really isn’t that interesting or sexy. I remember sitting on an assembly line and watching three people add a small piece of felt on to a rubber ducky. I must have spent three hours watching this process. The workers did these thousands of time each week. When I ...

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Best of CES 2019: Cool tech you can buy this year

From HTC to Lenovo, there were so many events and announcements at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, we can’t possibly fault you for getting confused by it all. So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the top gear we spotted on the show floor. Better yet, these are all the things you ...

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