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Daily Archives: January 18, 2019

Of course technology isn't society's great equalizer

Tech companies are no different than other companies. I read a headline yesterday that made me laugh aloud. “Tech Was Supposed to Be Society’s Great Equalizer,” said The Atlantic. “What Happened?” I’m not that intrigued by this question. I’m intrigued by a different question: Since when was technology supposed to be society’s great equalizer? “The early boosters of the Internet ...

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Better Buy: Bitcoin Investment Trust vs. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC-USD), the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, has delivered dismal returns for investors over the past year or so. Since peaking at nearly $ 20,000 in December 2017, bitcoin has lost more than 82% of its value. However, there’s still a valid long-term investment case to be made. There are still experts who believe that bitcoin ...

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Blockchain sharding made so simple your dog would understand

Welcome to Hard Fork Basics, a collection of tips, tricks, guides, and advice to keep you up to date in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Scaling blockchain is becoming one of the technology’s great mysteries. Does anyone know how to do it? Can it even be done? Some seem to think so, but of course, it won’t be simple. There ...

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Researchers develop flexible nanobots to deliver drugs inside your body

What comes to mind when you hear the word “robot”? Boston Dynamics’ quadrupedal Spot? SoftBank’s humanoid Pepper? Or flexible, practically microscopic devices that can swim through bodily fluids? It probably isn’t the last of those three, but that’s the one that might someday deliver life-saving drugs to the hard-to-reach places inside your body. In a paper set to appear in ...

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‘Hi, my name is …, and I’m addicted to tech’

The young men sit in chairs in a circle in a small meeting room in suburban Seattle and introduce themselves before they speak. It is much like any other 12-step meeting – but with a twist. “Hi, my name is,” each begins. Then something like, “and I’m an internet and tech addict.” The eight who’ve gathered here are beset by ...

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