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Daily Archives: March 17, 2019

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. military now may leave nearly 1,000 troops in Syria

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military is crafting plans to keep nearly 1,000 forces in Syria, U.S. officials said, a shift that comes three months after President Donald Trump ordered a complete withdrawal and is far more than the White House originally intended. Protracted administration talks with Turkey, European allies and U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters have so far failed to secure an ...

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Forget Bitcoin! I think following Warren Buffett could be a better way to get rich

While a large number of private investors have become interested in Bitcoin over recent years, there may be a better way of generating significant levels of wealth in the long run. Although the virtual currency may seem appealing to individuals who are aiming to ‘get rich quick’, the reality is the cryptocurrency faces an uncertain future. A lack of infrastructure ...

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Banking on mergers: More consolidations seen in UAE lending sector

The UAE banking industry is well-capitalised and stands on solid pillars, but still requires consolidation to emerge stronger in this competitive era by merging smaller units with major financial groups, experts say. Analysts and seasoned bankers said that the UAE’s banking sector is overbanked as a small country with a population of 9.5 million is served by 60 local and ...

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Are elite colleges really a ‘golden ticket’ to a successful life?

More than two dozen wealthy parents — among them high-powered CEOs and the actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin — went to expensive and illegal lengths to secure attendance at elite colleges for their own children. The drastic measures the parents took indicate how much they coveted that symbol of success. But the federal case alleging parents paid to inflate ...

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This Small Town Used To Be The Fourth Largest City In America

Several of America’s largest cities today were also the largest cities in the United States before it became the United States in 1789. However, a town which barely qualifies as a city in 2019 was the fourth largest in the country in the late 1600s and early 1700s. In 1720, Boston was America’s largest city with a population of 12,000. ...

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