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Daily Archives: March 26, 2019

Apple facing US import ban on some iPhones in tech dispute

SAN FRANCISCO — A mind-bending battle over some of the technology used in iPhones became even more muddled Tuesday when a federal trade agency handed separate victories to the embittered foes, Apple and Qualcomm. On Tuesday, the U.S. International Trade Commission issued two decisions within a few hours of each other. In one, Administrative Law Judge MaryJoan McNamara recommended blocking ...

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Cross-business collaboration key to survival

The research was conducted by Digital Vortex, a book published by Digital Business Transformation (DBT) Centre, co-founded by US-based technology firm Cisco and Swiss business school IMD. According to the publication, a vortex naturally pulls everything into its centre at great speed, resulting in chaos and, subsequently, recombination of businesses and industries. Raz Mohamad, chief financial officer (CFO) of Cisco ...

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HUD inspector general investigating whether Trump administration slowed disaster aid to Puerto Rico

The Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General is looking into whether the White House interfered with aid approved for Puerto Rico as the island struggled to recover from 2017’s Hurricane Maria. The investigation is part of the watchdog’s broader look into disaster grants, HUD-OIG attorney Jeremy Kirkland told a subcommittee of the H… Homeowners

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How bad loan mess is hurting lesser-rated borrowers as well as banks

Best of the Breed: That’s the central hiring mandate to HR line managers at bulgebracket investment banks and private equity firms shopping for talent at top business, law and engineering schools. The key assumption behind this elitist practice is that the majority of those coming on board would be high performers, offsetting the cumulative negative impact of the minuscule minority ...

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