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Choosing Between Ad Blockers or Cryptocurrency Mining

U.S. consumers see a minimum of around 4,000 advertisements a day, according to one estimate. Perhaps it’s no wonder then that ad-blocking software is becoming ever more popular. But without advertising revenue, much of the content you want to see on TV, on the web or even in a movie theater would either be unavailable or priced higher than it ...

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Top City regulator used tax break scheme

The incoming head of the financial industry regulator had to repay tax after using an unapproved tax break scheme. Charles Randell, who becomes chair of the Financial Conduct Authority in April, told MPs he had made an “error of judgement” by putting money into Ingenious Film Partners 2. The scheme makes use of tax breaks available to promote film productions. ...

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Dow Tries to Scramble Back After Weak Morning

Major stock indexes climbed off the floor Tuesday morning, helped by a turnaround in the bond market as longer-term Treasury yields pulled back from an earlier charge toward new highs. By 1:15 p.m., the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down around 135 points, at 25,081, or 0.55%, after falling more than 200 points in earlier trading. The Nasdaq Composite ticked up another 40 ...

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HUD awards $35 million to promote housing independence

In order to help low-income residents earn housing independence, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced an award of $ 35 million. This money will go to public housing authorities, public housing resident associations, Native American tribes and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. It will help these organizations hire or retain service coordinators who help residents find jobs, ...

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Pricey New York City is causing millennials to live above their means

Ask around and you’ll discover that a sizeable chunk of New York City‘s millennial population flocked here from other states, hoping to take advantage of the career opportunities that the sprawling metro area has to offer. They’re also willing to spend more than they should to stay. According to a new report from StreetEast, millennials are more likely than any ...

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