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PH banks can weather record Hanjin default, BSP assures public

Banking regulators on Friday moved to reassure the public about the strength of the financial system after the bankruptcy of a Korean-owned shipbuilder in Subic Bay triggered a $ 412-million default on local lenders — the biggest in Philippine corporate history. In a statement to the Inquirer, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said the banking industry has enough capital buffer ...

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Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2019: What The Experts Are Saying

The Bitcoin price predictions for 2019: Will Bitcoin price climb to more than $ 100,000? Some experts believe that, though Bitcoin experienced a serious decline in 2018, it will now rise to a level between $ 10,000-15,000. Though this is difficult to say with any certainty, experts believe that certain events will help to forecast the fate of the currency. ...

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Blockchain update: China cracks down on blockchain companies

There’s a lot going on in the world of decentralised networking and not just the daily rollercoaster ride of the cryptocurrency markets. A decade after the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto first unleashed Bitcoin on an unsuspecting world, the blockchain has grown and branched out and now a thousand flowers blossom, some of them rather peculiar blooms indeed. Look around and you’ll ...

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Bitwise Will Take Another Crack At A Bitcoin ETF

In the U.S. market, an exchange traded fund linked to bitcoin remains elusive. Bitwise Asset Management, a provider of cryptocurrency indexes and funds, is looking to change that. What To Know In 2018, ETF industry observers and crypto market fans were tantalized by the prospects of a U.S.-listed bitcoin ETF coming to market only to be rebuffed by the Securities ...

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