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New York Fed President Dudley to retire

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President and CEO William Dudley announced Monday that he intends to retire in mid-2018, confirming industry rumors. The decision ends Dudley’s term about half a year early, ensuring that a successor is in place well before he leaves. Dudley also serves as a member of the Federal Open Market Committee</stron… Investments

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As tax debate begins, GOP changes its plan to rein in 'carried interest' loophole

House lawmakers started debating a far-reaching Republican proposal to overhaul the federal tax code Monday as GOP leaders negotiated behind the scenes to keep the legislation on track. The House Ways and Means Committee launched a “markup” meeting at midday Monday that could stretch into Thursday. The session is a chance for the tax-writing panel to hone the bill and ...

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Apple Strength Moving to Mac and Services Says Independent Research Firm

When it comes to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), all the focus tends to be around the iPhone. According to a report from Argus, in which the independent research firm handily raised its price target above consensus, the iPhone strength is succeeding in bringing Apple customers into a broader ecosphere for Mac sales and services. Argus reiterated its Buy rating and ...

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ID Theft Can Drive Some Victims to Consider Suicide

Identity theft can be more than a hassle — replacing credit cards, closing bank accounts, or changing passwords. But for some victims, it can be a life-altering experience that also causes serious emotional problems and can even drive some to consider suicide. “Some victims get very depressed. They feel shame and embarrassment. They feel extremely vulnerable,” Eva Velasquez, president and ...

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What the royal purge means for Saudi Arabia — and its oil

The Saudi leadership shake-up and wave of arrests over the weekend have rattled potential investors in the kingdom’s ambitious modernization drive to create a new city, diversify the economy and sell off a slice of the state-owned Saudi Aramco oil company. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has made the modernization drive, dubbed Vision 2030, the centerpiece of his plan for ...

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Gasoline Prices Up Sharply on Strong Demand

For the second consecutive week, U.S. gasoline prices were higher Monday morning than they were in the prior week. And sharply higher too — the price of a gallon of regular gasoline cost on average about seven cents more Monday morning than it did last Monday. The national average this morning was $ 2.53, up from $ 2.46 last week ...

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Fighting the 'we've been here before' feeling

“Here we are again. Another week, another mass shooting in America,” George Stephanopoulos said at the start of Monday’s “GMA.” “We have seen them in offices and schools, we’ve seen them in concerts and movie theaters, Walmarts and Starbucks. This time the killer and his gun entered a small church in a small town … Business and financial news – ...

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