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Brave New World: Why (and When) We'll Go From Drivers to Passengers

Starting a new work week can be grueling. But what if you could tap a button on your smartphone to have a car pull up moments later, you slip inside, falling into a plush recliner like the one you wish you had in your living room. Within moments, you’re catching a little extra sleep while the driverless vehicle navigates its ...

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Ocwen, New Residential agree to $400 million mortgage servicing deal

Back in May, Ocwen Financial announced that it was nearing a massive mortgage servicing rights deal with New Residential Investment, in a deal that would also see New Residential acquire nearly 5% of Ocwen. Now, the deal is signed and sealed. Ocwen and New Residential announced Monday that the two companies reached a series of definitive agreements that will see ...

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It's No Accident That These Stores Always Smell Good

Have you ever noticed the sweet smell of coconuts in the swimsuit department of a Bloomingdale’s? What about hints of fresh powder in the baby department? That’s no accident. The number of businesses strategically scenting their spaces continues to multiply by the day. “Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses, in terms of emotion, how we ...

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Samsung Releases Arthritis Drug in First Foray Into U.S. Pharmaceuticals

Americans suffering from arthritis can now find relief from an unexpected new player in the pharmaceuticals market. South Korea’s Samsung conglomerate, best known for its smartphones and televisions, will make available on Monday in the U.S. its lower-price copy of Johnson & Johnson’s blockbuster rheumatoid-arthritis drug Remicade, the second such alternative on the market. The Samsung-developed drug will be marketed ...

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Don't Get Stumped by These Wacky Job Interview Questions

Some job interviews aren’t as straightforward as we’d like them to be. Employers want to see how quickly you can think on your feet. MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg discovers some of the quirkiest questions that job candidates are being asked. Glassdoor compiled a list of them, which can help explain whether or not you’re a good fit for a company. Let’s ...

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KKR buying WebMD

WebMD just found the cure it was looking for. Investment firm KKR has agreed to buy the medical website for $ 2.8 billion, five months after WebMD(WBMD) announced it was looking for a buyer. <p c… Business and financial news –

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