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Why some women are adopting Tom Brady's anti-inflammatory diet

You may remember the scene from the 1976 movie Rocky, when the boxing hero Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, dragged himself out of bed and downed a glassful of raw eggs in his quest for greatness. Raw eggs might be an excellent source of muscle-building protein, fats and micronutrients to fuel the body, but not the best choice for ...

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Delta updates comfort-animal policy to one per passenger—and no pit bulls

Delta Air Lines has revised its animal policy again, this time limiting emotional-support animals to one per customer and banning “pit bull type dogs” as either comfort or service animals. The changes go into effect July 10. The airline said the updates resulted from safety concerns, after several workers were bitten. Delta said it carries about 700 service or comfort ...

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Nearly half of diabetics admit they've skipped care because of high costs

ALMOST HALF OF PEOPLE with diabetes have temporarily gone without treatment because they couldn’t afford it. According to a new survey by UpWell Health, True Cost of Diabetes, 45 percent of diabetics have skipped care because of affordability issues. A similar number, 43 percent, paid up to $ 1,000 out of pocket in the past year for treating complication… Health ...

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