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Here's how 'Senator Romney' can fix Obamacare

Now that Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is retiring, the speculation is former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will run for his seat in the 2018 midterms. div > > p:first-child”> Spoiler Alert! He almost definitely will do just that. He eve… Health Care

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A US drugmaker offers to cure rare blindness for $850,000

The first gene therapy in the U.S. now has a price tag: $ 850,000 for the one-time treatment, or, more specifically, $ 425,000 per eye for a retinal disorder. div > > p:first-child”> The price is for Spark Therapeutics’ Luxturna, approved by the Food and Drug Administration in December to treat a rare, inherited retina… Health Care

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FDA issues recall on Johnson & Johnson heart device

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday issued a recall of a heart device made by a unit of Johnson & Johnson due to a faulty valve. The valve, which prevents blood from flowing back through it, is part of a device used to insert and position cardiovascular catheters in the heart. About 110 Agilis Steerable Introducer Sheath devices ...

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Unfiltered fervor: The rush to get water off the grid

At Rainbow Grocery, a cooperative in this city’s Mission District, one brand of water is so popular that it’s often out of stock. But one recent evening, there was a glittering rack of it: glass orbs containing 2.5 gallons of what is billed as “raw water” — unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water, $ 36.99 each and $ 14.99 per refill, ...

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