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Colliers aims to make *SCAPE 'hip and exciting'

Singapore COLLIERS International has been appointed leasing and tenancy manager for *SCAPE for two years in a bid to help the Orchard youth hangout tap millennial demand. Colliers envisions *SCAPE to be “a hip and exciting venue with a wide range of attractive experiential … The Business Times

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Mortgage Lending & Homebuying Trends for 2019

These are interesting times for mortgage lenders. While there are large-scale economic and socioeconomic reasons for optimism going forward, there are also some complexities and cautionary notes that need to be taken seriously. Understanding these key trends—and appreciating the significant issues likely to impact the industry in 2019 and beyond—is important for lenders, mortgage banking professionals and real estate professionals ...

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New real estate sectors reflect changing lifestyles in Asia

Sat, Dec 15, 2018 – 5:50 AM MORE than half of the world’s population live in the Asia-Pacific, of which a significant proportion are young people. In fact, this region is home to more than 700 million citizens aged 15 to 24. On the flip side, we are ageing rapidly. According to figures from the UN, by 2050 there will ...

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Why Do Lenders Sell Loans?

When you first work with your loan officer very early on in the process, you’ll soon establish a trusting relationship with that person. You’ve shopped around for a new loan and interviewed several loan officers before finally landing on the perfect choice. Your loan officer has helped qualify you and provide an array of loan programs that best meet your ...

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Zumper: The American dream of homeownership fades

This year, navigating the landscape of American housing has proved to be rocky for both renters and homeowners. As 2018 comes to an end, Zumper, a rental listing site, has revealed that for many Americans, the dream of homeownership is fading. Zumper partnered with PadMapper to launch its Annual Rental Survey, designed to gauge how Americans feel about renting. Sponsor ...

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Hemp Is on the Verge of U.S. Legalization: Could MariMed Profit?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Hemp is anticipated to be legal to grow across the United States beginning on Jan 1 2019 160 This has huge implications for the cannabis industry because hemp can be used to extract cannabidiol CBD a chemical found in the cannabis plant that has been associated with a wide range… Latest Articles in

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PayPal Wants to Copy Square's Strategy

[unable to retrieve full-text content] One of Square s NYSE SQ most successful strategies has been the expansion of its financial services business through Cash App and Cash Card Outgoing CFO Sarah Friar has even said she thinks Square has an opportunity to replace a traditional bank account for most people… Latest Articles in

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