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Bad Lessons You’ve Learned From Watching HGTV

You probably wouldn’t watch “The Big Bang Theory” to help you land a job as a physicist or watch an episode of “Game of Thrones” instead of studying for a medieval history test. But somehow, everyone seems to think it’s perfectly fine to use HGTV as a how-to guide to <a href="… Money

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Paying For Any Of These Financial Services Is A Total Rip-Off

Few things feel worse than finding out you spent more than you had to. It’s easy to spot a sale you missed or coupon you forgot to redeem, but when it comes to the financial industry, it’s tough to know if you’re getting a deal or being ripped off. Here are seven financial services you should never pay for, either ...

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Realtors Reveal The Most Misleading Words Used In Home Listings

“The glass is always half full.” “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” “I have not yet begun to fight.” When it comes to little pep talks, we humans are an optimistic bunch. But maybe never more so than when it comes to selling a home. Few people ever put out a listing that says something like, “This is a house ...

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11 Hidden Costs Of Buying A Home

It can be creepy the first night you’ve moved into a new house: You’re in unfamiliar surroundings, and who knows what might be lurking in the shadows? Relax ― they’re probably unpacked boxes. What should really unnerve you are all the hidden costs that come with buying a house. For the unsuspecting homebuyer, that’s what can be truly frightening, because ...

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