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Where Black Homeownership Is The Norm

By Tim Henderson OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill. — Two decades ago, Frederick Veazey was drawn to this suburban idyll by the usual things: grass, peace and quiet, good schools. But in choosing where to raise his sons and daughter, the successful insurance broker also wanted something else. “We wanted our kids to grow up … Money

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Why The Phrase 'Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps' Is Nonsense

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” It’s a common phrase in American political discourse, particularly present in conservative rhetoric about self-reliance. The concept is simple: To pull yourself up by your bootstraps means to succeed or elevate yourself without any outside help. But when you examine this expression and its current meaning, it doesn’t seem to make much sense.… Money

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Virtual Credit Cards Defend Against Fraud And Keep 'Free Trials' Free

The economics around free trials is not a secret. Companies hope that customers who plan to cancel after that 30-day Hulu, LinkedIn or Amazon Prime trial ends forget, and stay on as subscribers. Some people, probably the ones who don’t hit snooze on their alarm clock, can handle this with discipline. But others simply forget they had signed up for ...

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