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7 Taboo Things You Should Never Talk About At Work

Many people spend more time around their co-workers than their actual friends and families. So it makes sense that they’d want to talk about something other than work once in a while. After all, a bit of healthy water cooler banter is important for developing a stronger rapport with your co-workers. (How did<… Money

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Credit Report vs. Credit Score: What's The Difference?

What’s the difference between a credit report and a credit score? We’re guessing that question doesn’t keep you up at night, but at some point you’ve wondered. After all, your credit plays an important role in everything from borrowing money to getting an apartment. And when the matter comes up, it can be pretty darn confusing as to whether your credit ...

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How To Get A Mortgage When You Have Bad Credit

Bad things happen to good people, and bad credit is sometimes one of them. It can be a pain: A poor credit score makes it tougher to get approved for credit cards and loans. And when you are approved, the interest rates are sky high. So for those of you with bad credit, it’s no surp… Money

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America's Suffocating Class System

The heart of the American dream is that anyone with grit can rise. Instead, our increasingly ossified class system dictates life outcomes with depressing consistency. America is choking its future. Proof? Start with Matthew Stewart’s compelling study in The Atlantic. It’s not simply the top .1 percent, Stewart shows, that’s monopolizing prosperity. The … Money

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My Uterus Costs More Than A Porsche

After an abnormal Pap smear recently, I found myself in need of a colposcopy ― a fairly routine procedure in which doctors use binoculars to search for abnormal cells in the cervix.   After visually inspecting my goods, my OBGYN quelled my fears. Everything looked great, they said. Just in case, they took a small specimen to examine as an ...

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8 Ways You Can Harm Your Credit Score Without Knowing It

On the surface, credit scores are simple: You take a specific action, and your score changes to reflect it. However, the types of actions that cause positive changes versus negative changes aren’t always so intuitive. You might do something you assume is harmless or even beneficial to your <a… Money

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