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People On Twitter Shred Tone Deaf Budget Breakdown Of Couple Making $500,000

The budget breakdown of a couple earning $ 500,000 a year has been eviscerated on Twitter after users express their disbelief and distaste for the couple’s spending habits and inability to save more. CNBC tweeted an image of the offending budget breakdown, which included a questionable percentage of income being taken out by taxes, 401(k) contributions, mortgage payments and other ...

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6 Apps Teens Can Use To Manage Money

You can lecture your teenagers about how they spend their cash only so much. Besides, they can lecture back: Maybe you buy expensive coffee or bottled water or pay for a gym membership you never use. Instead, you may want to suggest that your children try out some money management

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How To Save On Car Insurance When Your Teen Starts Driving

If your teen has started driving, you’ve probably made a few jokes about how everybody in your neighborhood should take cover. Ah, yes, making fun of teenage drivers and their abilities behind the wheel. It’s hilarious. Until you get your new car insurance rates. As you’ve probably heard, add a teenage driver to your policy and the average car insurance ...

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