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Switzerland Is Voting On Who Should Be Allowed To Create Money

What’s happening? Switzerland, a country famed for its financial sector, is holding a vote on June 10 on whether to radically revise its monetary and banking system. The proposal — called Vollgeld (sovereign money) — would change the way money is created and reshape the role of commercial banks.  What does it mean? It basically bo… Money

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6 Ways Budgeting Is Like The Hottest Hot Sex

A money buddy group is just an informal club of people who share financial advice with each other. It can be focused on things like sharing discounts and deals, or it could be based around collectively researching and sharing investment tips. You could even form a support group just to encourage savings, something to help hold members accountable for socking ...

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5 Things You Must Know About Health Insurance Before You Turn 26

If you thought your college capstone project was intense, get ready for something a lot more confusing. Meet health insurance: the complicated maze of contradictions, exclusions and exceptions that is about to become yours. Happy upcoming 26th birthday! Until you turn 26, there’s a good chance you may still be covered under your parents’ health insurance plan. The Affordable Care Act ...

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This Is The Most Expensive Housing Market In Every State

Real estate FOMO. It’s definitely a thing. But before you go investing all your hard-earned dollars in the spiffiest home on the block, take a beat: Not all four-bedrooms are created equal. In other words, you may not want to jump to live in the most expensive housing market if you can avoid it. (Up and coming with a tiny ...

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