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Stop! Don't Take This Royal Name Quiz

Online scammers who want to steal your identity are the uninvited guests to the royal wedding hoopla. A “What’s your Royal Guest name?” quiz has been enjoying a healthy life on Facebook. The origins of the quiz are unknown, but some suspect it’s a not-so-cleverly … Money

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I Tried These 4 Meal Kit Services So You Don't Have To

Grocery shopping has always been a struggle. I’ve planned out my shopping list in advance. I’ve meal prepped. I’ve avoided shopping while hungry. But since our household consists of just me and my boyfriend (and our dog, who, frankly, eats better than we do), it’s hard to gauge how much food we need for the week. We inevitably end up ...

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4 steps you should take when buying an annuity

I would like to buy an immediate annuity, but I want to know that I’m getting one from a reliable company. How can I do that?—David H. Assuming you’ve already determined that putting some of your nest egg into an immediate annuity makes sense, you’re absolutely right to want to be sure you’r… Retirement advice and news –

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Do annuities belong in your retirement plan?

On the surface, annuities may seem like an incredibly enticing “investment” to consider as part of your retirement plan. Insurance companies dangle promises of market-like returns on the upside with no risk of loss during your accumulation years and guaranteed income during your distribution years to get you to sign up for them. When you dig beneath that surface, you ...

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How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs

Most drug companies have what are called patient assistance programs for their medications. In some cases, these programs are need-based, but not always. Sometimes you just need to know to ask. You can check what’s available here based on drug name. Or, see if the drug manufacturer’s website has details. Copayment coupons are another option that has become increasingly common. ...

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