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That Rich Marketing Intern's Money Diary Wasn't Fact-Checked. But That's Not What Makes Diaries Unrepresentative.

A 21-year-old New York college student who earns $ 25 an hour at her internship kicked off fiery reactions last week with a first-person money diary describing her expensive workouts, acai bowls, Whole Foods groceries ― and, inevitably, thousands of dollars in subsidies from her parents and grandfather. A skeptical Twitterverse wondered half-seriously: Was the d… Money

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Don’t Fall Into This Real Estate Trap

Dual representation, also called dual agency, occurs when the same real estate agent represents both the seller and the buyer of a property. While the definition of “dual agency” varies by state ― in some places “dual agency” is defined as when two agents from the same company represent the buyer and the seller in a transaction — <a href="… Money

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Want To Flip A House? Read This First.

We’ve all seen those TV shows in which a house flipper buys a neglected house, slaps some fresh paint on the walls, stages it like a boss, then flips it back on the market, where it sells at lightning speed and the flipper is tens of thousands of dollars richer for all his or her cleverness. Maybe ― just maybe ...

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The Real World Is Increasingly Rough For 30-Year-Old Americans

It’s relatively tough out there for American 30-year-olds. Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Slok sent around a chart showing the overall decline in earning power for 30-year-old Americans over the last few decades. Slok noted that the “percentage of children earning more than their parents has been falling steadily since 1945.” And although the original data are from December 2016, more recent ...

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