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3 Ways You Should Spy On Your Kid’s Spending (And Why)

Nobody would argue that it’s inappropriate for any parent to monitor and essentially spy on their 7-year-old’s spending habits. You’re the parent. Your kid is the kid. End of story. But what about when your kid is 17? Reasonable minds could differ there ― and probably do. On one hand, it’s your house, and if he or she is 17, ...

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11 Hilarious Tweets About The High Cost Of Raising Kids

Having kids can be incredibly expensive. According to the Department of Agriculture, raising a child from birth to age 17 now costs $ 233,610. And the expenses only go up over time; once they’re out of diapers, kids require an ungodly amount of food, endless school supplies and bribes for doing chores and getting good grades. And then th… Money

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