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How To Plan A Family Vacation According To Travel Experts

Summertime is just a few weeks away, which means family vacations are likely on the brain. The idea of planning a vacation with kids in tow can be intimidating. Sure, the actual vacation is supposed to be relaxing (or as relaxing as a vacation with kids can be!), but getting to that point can be a maze of hotel recommendations, ...

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When is an annuity a good choice?

Buying an annuity that pays you income for life may sound like a great deal, but it isn’t always the right choice. Annuities often come with astronomical fees and commissions, some of which can be quite difficult for investors to identify and understand. Having said that, there are some cases when buying an annuity could make sense. Here’s the major ...

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Should I move half of my savings into an annuity?

I’m 64 and recently met with a financial adviser who wants me to invest $ 400,000 of my $ 800,000 portfolio in an annuity. I read some nasty reviews of this annuity, but the adviser says it’s the best annuity out there. What do you suggest I do?—Anonymous Whenever an adviser suggests moving a big chunk of money from one ...

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