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How Trump's Budget Cuts To These Federal Programs Could Affect You

Shutterstock photo When President Donald Trump unveiled his proposed budget on May 22, it was met with opposition from both sides of the political aisle. Many Republicans who opposed Trump’s budget did so for the same reason Democrats did — because it eliminates federal funding for programs Americans have come to rely on. “I am disappointed that many of the reductions ...

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Top 10 Retirement Procrastination Problems

Shutterstock photo Often in life, what you haven’t done ends up being more important than what you have done. SEE ALSO: 5 Bold Questions to Ask Yourself to Shape Your Retirement I find this to be especially true in the world of comprehensive retirement planning… Latest Articles in Retirement

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In Retirement, You Should Plan to Live, Not Plan to Die

Shutterstock photo In the world of financial advisers, there are many theories about the best way to help clients create an income plan that will last the rest of their lives. Often, that phrase, “the rest of their lives,” is a tricky variable to nail down. SEE ALSO: How Retirees… Latest Articles in Retirement

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The Key to Setting Retirement Goals? Details

Shutterstock photo “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar. We all have retirement goals, but unfortunately, we tend to be very vague and noncommittal about them. SEE ALSO: Are You Ready for Retirement? Most investors will tell their financial adviser that they’d … Latest Articles in Retirement

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