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What Canada’s cutting-edge health tech startups need to get to the next level

Mark Taylor has a front-row seat to the development and launch of some of Canada’s greatest health-tech innovations as the leader of the licensing and commercialization team at Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN), the largest health-care and medical research organization in North America. Gene therapy to treat rare diseases in a single dose, devices that recognize brain tumours using artificial ...

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Calls for bans on cashless stores unnecessarily indict cashierless stores

In recent weeks, there have been increasing movements in some areas of the country to ban cashless stores. Most recently, Bay Area politician David J. Canepa called for a ban on cashless stores like Amazon Go in a San Francisco Chronicle <a href="… VentureBeat

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L&T Tech confident of mid-teens growth next year: CFO

We have increased our guidance from 21% to 24% for the current year, P Ramakrishnan, CFO, L&T Technology Services, tells ET Now. Edited excerpts:L&T Technology Services has confirmed that large telecom and hi-tech account will be taking ownership of the engineering core product services. So, this 4% revenue … Technology News

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How hard is it to solve the ethics in AI problem?

I tend to divide AI into the types of tools that are readily available now and in use, Available AI, or Now AI as some call it, with the uncertain future AI, the singularity or what is known as AGI, Artificial General Intelligence, the latter being the stuff of science fiction. Experts predict we will reach this point where an ...

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