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Top 5: Work collaboration tools

There are loads of tools to help you collaborate and communicate with co-workers and keep intraoffice communication running smooth. Just recently in fact there’s been quite an explosion. So to help cut down on the confusion, here five work collaboration tools you should know about: 1. Slack I know, I know, right. Who doesn’t know about Slack, the hip new ...

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Using machine intelligence to protect sensitive data

Can machine intelligence in the form of Amazon Macie andGoogle Cloud DLP API solve once impossible problems? Deep learning AI algorithms have revolutionized natural language processing (NLP) and automated image analysis and enable features that were once the stuff of science fiction that now seem as routine. Whether it’s online text translation, consumer chatbots or automatic face detection and tagging ...

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The current state of government cybersecurity is 'grim,' report says

When it comes to cybersecurity readiness, US government organizations aren’t doing so hot. In a recent report from SecurityScorecard comparing the security practices of 18 industries, government ranked no. 16. “In the midst of investigations into a potential 2016 election hacking, regular major malware events, and an overall increase in the number of sophisticated cyberattacks, the report highlights that the ...

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