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Healthcare minister becomes first post-revolution Cabinet member to meet Armenian community of Turkey

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 16, ARMENPRESS. Healthcare Minister Arsen Torosyan has been hosted on February 15th at the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul, known as the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople. Torosyan had a meeting with the Armenian community of Istanbul. During the meeting Torosyan said that the Diaspora cannot survive without its motherland. He attached great importance to the Armenian community in Turkey. ...

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Boeing Becomes America’s Hot Stock

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) is the world’s largest commercial aircraft maker and among the biggest defense contractors in the world. It is also an old-style manufacturing company with tens of thousands of workers located in factories both inside the United States and outside. It is an odd candidate to be the hottest stock among large American companies. However, its value ...

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Petland Discounts Becomes the Latest Victim of Retail Apocalypse

Pet supply retailer Petland Discounts has become the latest victim of the collapse of brick-and-mortar retail. Management said it would need to close a large number of its stores. The retailer was founded in 1965. Its founder and controlling shareholder recently died. Media are reporting that Petland Discounts has filed papers with the Departments of Labor of New York, New ...

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Export of chicken feet to China becomes a thriving business

PESHAWAR: Chicken feet have become a major export from the provincial capital to China in the recent months unlike the past when they were usually discarded. Around 1,300 kilogrammes of chicken feet are collected from the markets of the provincial capital on a daily basis and transported to Islamabad for onward shipping to China. The chicken feet, which were usually ...

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Air Becomes Unbreathable in Delhi, One of World’s Largest Cities

The air quality in one of the world’s largest cities became so bad in the past two days that it is not fit to breathe, even for healthy people. Delhi, also known as New Delhi, received an alert from India’s Central Pollution Control Board that listed the quality of the air as “severe.” That means it “affects healthy people and ...

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