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SIHF Healthcare emphasizes importance of early dental care

SIHF Healthcare is reminding parents of the importance of dental care for children during National Children’s Dental Health Month in February. “You should begin teaching good oral health habits to your children from the time their very first tooth grows in,” said Dr. Anthony Chin at SIHF Healthcare, 2 Terminal Drive in Bethalto. “Parents often disregard dental care for their children because ...

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[Pulse] Gary Vaynerchuk says homeownership is BS, but I don't care

Industry interweb locales were on fire this past week when Gary Vaynerchuk – a sought-after motivational speaker, best-selling author and respected tech entrepreneur – slammed homeownership in a podcast interview that went viral. On the Cannonball Mindset podcast, Vaynerchuk called homeownership “bull****.” “I do not think the American dream should be buying a home anymore, I think it’s full of ...

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