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AI detects potentially damaging ice on wind turbines

Ice is the enemy of turbines everywhere. Some wind farms report energy production losses of up to 20 percent due to icing, according to Canadian wind-industry consultancy firm TechnoCentre Éolien (TCE), and that’s not the worst of it. Over time, ice shedding from blades can damage other blades or overstress internal components, necessitating costly repairs. There’s a clear and present use ...

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Italy's Salvini accuses ECB of damaging local banks

ROME (Reuters) – Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini on Tuesday accused the European Central Bank of attacking Italy’s banking system, saying its request for local lenders to put aside more money to cover impaired loans could cost the country 15 billion euros (13.34 billion pounds). Salvini, who heads the far-right League, said in a statement that the ECB move showed ...

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Daily Crunch: How the government shutdown is damaging cybersecurity and future IPOs

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Sleeping too much can be just as damaging to your health as having too little

Do you oversleep? If so, that could be a problem. The amount of time you sleep, which includes daytime naps, is linked to your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and early morbidity, according to a study of over 116,000 people in seven regions of the world, published in the peer-reviewed European Heart Journal on Wednesday. Don’t miss: Gifting your children ...

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