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The Stories Behind America’s Favorite Cookie Brands

Cookies are irresistible. They’re easy to bake, relatively inexpensive to buy, and all too easy to eat. They’re small (usually), sweet, either crisp and crunchy or luxuriously tender and soft, and just indulgent enough. They satisfy sugar cravings without the heft of a piece of cake or a slice of pie. In effect, cookies are cake — just on a ...

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Our 3 favorite startups from Urban-X’s 4th demo day

Urban-X, the urban-tech startup accelerator backed by MINI and early-stage urban-tech fund Urban.Us, hosted a demo day today for its fourth cohort of companies at its Brooklyn HQ.  The seven presenting companies offered solutions to issues plaguing modern cities, including toll-road pricing, energy and construction man… Startups – TechCrunch

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America’s Favorite TV Families

Television has long featured shows that focus on the family unit. Relationships between family members can be interesting and complex, providing ample interesting material for a show. This has not gone unnoticed by writers who turn to families for inspiration time and again. Of course, there is no one type of family. Over time, networks have changed the family structure ...

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