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Next Avenue: Can money buy happiness? This formula could help you decide

This article is reprinted by permission from Though it’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, a lack of it can certainly buy unhappiness. Let’s examine what money is from a different perspective and consider that our definition of financial wealth is flawed. I’ll offer a new way to measure it and show you how you can dramatically increase your wealth ...

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Formula 1: The tech driving the races

BBC Click has been given exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the technology behind F1. Spencer Kelly saw a wheel gun that enables a tyre to be changed in less than two seconds and the 360 degree cameras on cars that could put fans in a virtual driving seat. See more at Click’s website and @BBCClick. … BBC News – Business

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Aptamil investigating baby milk formula complaints

Hundreds of parents in the UK have complained on social media that a revised formula milk is making their babies sick. Rosie Menzies from Lymington in Hampshire told the BBC: “It smells disgusting, it’s not mixed properly. It’s all just left like scum.” French food giant Danone is looking into reports that its Aptamil baby milk formula is making some ...

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Formula 1 picks AWS as official cloud, machine learning provider

This article originally appeared on our sister site ZDNet. It’s another win for Amazon Web Services in the ongoing cloud wars, with Formula 1 signing up as an AWS customer to bolster its race strategies, data tracking systems, and digital broadcasts. The auto racing organization said it’s migrating the vast majority of its on-premises infrastructure to AWS, and standardizing on ...

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