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As head of the L.A. Chamber, Maria Salinas is getting down to business

That same year, she was invited to become a founding board member of ProAmerica Bank, formed to focus on the Latino community. She later became audit committee chair and, in 2014, was appointed chairwoman of its board. In 2016, Salinas led the team that brought about the acquisition by Pacific Commerce Bank. “I took it all at the speed that ...

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Senate Banking Committee approves Calabria as head of FHFA

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs voted Tuesday to advance the nomination of Mark Calabria as director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency to a full Senate vote. The vote passed along party lines at 13 to 12. Back in December, President Donald Trump selected Calabria, who then served as chief economist for Vice President Mike Pence, ...

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Head In the Clouds: The Top Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Have you moved your computer systems to the cloud yet? Are you looking to keep your business operations scalable and efficient without buying hardware? The cloud can guarantee you the best possible outcomes out of your activities. Gartner predicts that cloud system infrastructure services are likely to grow from US$ 31 billion in 2018 to US$ 39.5 billion in 2019. ...

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