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It's not just Silicon Valley: Here's the history behind imperialistic technology that's permeated the Bay Area for 500 years

Excerpted from “A People’s History of Silicon Valley: How the Tech Industry Exploits Workers, Erodes Privacy and Undermines Democracy ,” by Keith A. Spencer, on sale now  from major booksellers. © 2018 Eyewear Publishing. Reprinted with permission. Though Silicon Valley is regarded as one of the most affluent, productive economic centers on the planet, it is hard to imagine a more ...

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Here's what became of Bernie Madoff's inner circle

Few people outside of Wall Street had heard of Bernard Madoff before he confessed to his epic fraud in 2008. In the decade since, he has become the personification of greed — and a household name. Madoff and his inner circle have been featured in books, movies, even an off-Broadway play. div > > p:first-child”> … Business News

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