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How the chocolate bar became a million dollar idea

Nowadays, the world spends close to $ 100bn a year on chocolate bars, making them one of the most popular snacks in history. But for centuries, chocolate had only been a drink. No one knew a way of making it into a solid food. That is until a 19th Century Englishman – Joseph Fry – worked out how to do ...

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How the barcode became a million dollar idea

Almost every product we buy nowadays comes with a barcode on it. It makes it quicker to ring up the price on the till and it helps retailers to track their stock. But whose idea was the barcode, and how did he get it? Aaron Heslehurst explains. Video producer: Jeremy Howell … BBC News – Business

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Personal Finance Daily: All the ways Gen X is financially wrecked and why you have no idea how much a surgery really costs

Happy Friday, MarketWatchers! Don’t miss these top stories: Personal Finance Avoid these costly divorce mistakes Oversharing on social media and other divorce missteps that can have significant financial consequences. Eat well and save money by stocking up on these food staples Having them on hand makes it easy to whip something up at home in minutes <a href="… – ...

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