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How Tetris became a million dollar idea

It was one of the simplest and most repetitive computer games ever created, but it took the world by storm in the 1980s and 1990s. But unlike most hit computer games, Tetris was invented behind the Iron Curtain in 1983, as Aaron Heslehurst explains. Video journalist: Jeremy Howell … BBC News – Business

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How deodorant became a million dollar idea

We spray it on every morning as regularly as we have a shower or brush our teeth. We buy billions of cans of it a year because we’re terrified of venturing out in public without wearing any. But it’s only been a century or so since the first deodorant appeared in the world’s bathrooms, as Aaron Heslehurst explains. Video journalist: ...

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How the ring pull became a million dollar idea

You probably use one every day without thinking about it, but how did we open our drinks cans without the ring pull? For over 50 years, it has been an integral part on the hundreds of millions of cans churned out every day. Before it was invented people had to carry around a special can-puncturer called a church key. As ...

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Warren Buffett’s best investing idea is by far the simplest to understand

There are hundreds of great books on investing and untold websites and blogs. Many are worthwhile reads, many are not, and many are risky schemes, at best. Yet everything worthwhile you could hope to learn about investing was captured recently by Tom Heath of The Washington Post in a <a href="… – All MarketWatch News – Personal Finance

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Buying A House With Friends: Is It A Good Idea?

So you want to buy a home but can’t swing it on your own – at least not without going the tiny house route or buying in a not-so-great area. But what if you could pool resources with one or more friends and purchase together? Buying a home with friends sounds great on the surface, right? Communal meals, Netflix marathons, ...

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How Botox became a million dollar idea

Botox is the drug made from a deadly poison that magically rejuvenates the face… or sometimes destroys it. Hollywood actresses flocked to use it when it first came out, and millions of other people followed them. But the man who invented Botox never meant for it to eliminate wrinkles. He had his eyes on something completely different. Aaron Heslehurst explains. ...

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