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Understanding How Online Threats Can Impact Your Business

Through inadequate protection and careless routines, online threats can cause considerable damage to businesses both financially and legally, and it could ultimately result in the company being shut down. Half of all data hacks are aimed at small businesses, and unlike a physical threat, the online threat is more damaging due to it being more pervasive and immediate. The reason ...

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WSDOT Partners with Business Impact NW to help diverse firms get loans

A unique partnership between the Washington State Department of Transportation, Sound Transit and Washington state-based credit unions will help underserved businesses participating in WSDOT’s Capacity Building Mentorship program with alternative financing options. The mentorship program has been operating successfully since July 2018; however, access to capital continues to be a primary barrier to small businesses and those owned by minorities, ...

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Credit quality is deteriorating in Canada, and banks are feeling the impact

Credit quality is deteriorating in Canada, and banks are feeling the impact. Toronto-Dominion Bank and Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada both reported fiscal first-quarter results that included higher provisions for loan losses, contributing to earnings that missed analysts’ estimates. Toronto-Dominion, Canada’s second-largest lender by assets, set aside $ 850 million for soured loans in the quarter ended Jan. 31, up ...

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How 5G will impact the customer experience

The next generation of mobile wireless technology, known as 5G, will represent a quantum leap from today’s standards. Download speeds will be 1000 times faster, meaning that a movie that currently takes 20 minutes to download will only take a couple of seconds…. diginomica

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