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IBM Earnings Just Can’t Cut It

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) reported its third quarter financial results after the markets closed on Tuesday. Big Blue said that it had $ 3.42 in earnings per share (EPS) and $ 18.8 billion in revenue, compared with consensus estimates that called for $ 3.40 in EPS and $ 19.1 billion in revenue. The same period from last year ...

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Someone just found a 10-year-old Bitcoin easter egg

A keen-eyed cryptocurrency enthusiast has just discovered a neat ‘easter egg’ buried deep inside Bitcoin’s code, dating back to the birth of the blockchain. We all know Satoshi Nakamoto referenced the Times headline – Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks – but it appears it actually happened twice. The easter egg is also included as a hexidecimalized version nestled in some ...

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FA Center: International stocks provide the least protection just when investors need it most

U.S. stocks’ performance so far this year offers a perfect illustration of why investors should not exaggerate the benefits of international diversification. When the U.S. stock market plunged more than 10% in late January and early February, for example, international stocks lost even more. Far from cushioning the fall for investors, they made things slightly worse. When the U.S. stock ...

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