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Signs That There May be a Hidden Leak

Sometimes, plumbing leaks are obvious. That annoying, continued drip, drip, drip from your faucet. You wake up one morning, go to get the laundry from the washer and end up in ankle-deep water. Or, you find water dripping from an upstairs room or neighbor. Plumbing leaks can be obvious. They can also play hide-and-go-seek like a pro. “A hidden plumbing ...

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Why 61% of CIOs believe employees maliciously leak data

One in five employees surveyed believes data belongs to them, not the company, according to an Opinion Matters / Egress report. While a vast majority of cybersecurity measures focus on keeping outside malicious actors away from your organization’s data, the insider risk that employees pose—either unwittingly or intentionally—can be detrimental. Some 79% of CIOs said they believe employees put sensitive ...

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Brazilian IT firm Tivit suffers data leak

Brazil-based IT services and business process outsourcing provider Tivit has had data from many of its large customers leaked online. Security research website DefCon-Lab found about 1,000 lines of code available on Pastebin’s web service including data such as access credentials to Tivit’s systems used by clients and other sensitive information including email exchanges. The incident involved data from 19 ...

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Brazil's largest professional association suffers massive data leak

Brazil’s Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) is being accused of exposing millions of personal data records from three of its databases online. FIESP represents about 130 thousand companies and is the largest class entity in the Brazilian industrial sector. The records leaked included names, ID and social security numbers, as well as full addresses, emails ...

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Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti leak: This is one beefy video card

The first major event next week is a media presentation in which Nvidia will unveil its next generation of graphics cards. Fans have waited a while for news on the upcoming GeForce RTX 2000-series cards, but a new leak coming out of hardware-tracking website Videocardz is providing some of those details a few days early for both the RTX 2080 … ...

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