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Stanford: Boomers are entering retirement with less savings, greater mortgage debt

Americans are now living longer than ever before, and experts predict that a record number of Baby Boomers will soon enter retirement. But when compared to past generations, the Stanford Center on Longevity has discovered the landscape of homeownership and retirement in America is changing – for the worse. In its <a href="file:///Users/jguerin/Downloads/In%20a%20recent%20report,%20Stanford%20said%20these%20factors%20suggest%20a%20growing%20shift%20in%20how%20Americans%20now%20prioritize%20homeo… Homeowners

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Cannabis Watch: Pot companies to reveal earnings less than a month after Canadian legalization

Four major Canada-based weed producers are set to report earnings next week, the biggest financial test for the companies since Canada legalized adult recreational use of cannabis on Oct. 17. While legalization occurred after the quarter ended, there is plenty to learn from reports by Aurora Cannabis Inc. <a class="qt-chip trackable" data-fancyid="XNYSStockACB" href="" data-track-mod="MW_story_quote… – Top Stories

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Google: Newer Android versions are less affected by malware

Google is finally seeing tangible results after dedicating itself to improving Android’s security in the past few years. According to new statistics the company released today, percentage-wise devices running newer Android versions have been infected in much fewer numbers than devices running older OS releases. For example, the percentage of Android devices that contain at least one potentially harmful application ...

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VW plans to sell electric Tesla rival for less than $23,000: source

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) intends to sell electric cars for less than 20,000 euros ($ 22,836) and protect German jobs by converting three factories to make Tesla (TSLA.O) rivals, a source familiar with the plans said. VW and other carmakers are struggling to adapt quickly enough to stringent rules introduced after the carmaker was found to have cheated diesel ...

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Average American putting less money down when buying a home

The average down payment on a U.S. home fell in the third quarter, according the latest data collected from digital loan sourcing site LendingTree. Each quarter, LendingTree compares average down payment percentages and conventional 30-year, fixed-rate purchase mortgage offer amounts across the country. They found that the average down payment decreased nearly 10% in the third quarter — falling from $ 52,480 to $ 47,265. ...

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