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This bundle lets you build and host your own WordPress site for $50

WordPress has revolutionized the web development business. Until its inception, aspiring web developers needed to learn HTML along with a series of other go-to programming languages such as Java in order to build professional-level websites from scratch, which required a serious investment in both time and cash. With WordPress, even novice developers can create stunning websites from a virtually limitless ...

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This tool lets you generate custom Doom levels with your Roomba

The best use for a Roomba this holiday season isn’t mopping up after a spirited Christmas Eve — if you’re a gamer, that is. This week, industry veteran Rich Whitehouse published a tool that can generate levels in id Software’s iconic first-person shooter, Doom, from real-life interiors mapped by iRobot’s autonomous vacuum. He christened it “Doomba,” a pu… VentureBeat

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