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How Avalara helps companies navigate complex telecom taxes for IoT services like in-car calling and telematics

Avalara’s GM of Telecommunications Tony Susak spoke to TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox about telecom taxes at MWC Americas 2018.”What we offer is, telecom clients, transactional tax and regulatory compliance,” Susak said. “It’s a unique space in that most people don’t understand the complexity of the telecom taxation. Most people are used to walking into a store, buying a widget, getting taxed ...

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Private Equity Firm Acting Like A Private Equity Firm

Here’s how private equity works: A firm buys a company with a lot of borrowed money. The now-p.e.-owned company borrows even more money to repay the p.e. owners. The p.e. firm resells the now-heavily indebted company on to the next sucker. Repeat. In layman’s terms, this is called leve… Dealbreaker

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