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Windows malware: Slub taps Slack, GitHub to steal your info

Researchers at Trend Micro say they’ve found new malware that uses Slack channels, GitHub, and the file-sharing site to steal data from Windows PCs.  More security news The previously unknown malware is part of a ‘watering hole’, a type of attack that involves compromising a website that’s likely to be visited by an intended target group.  The unnamed website ...

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Backdoored cryptocurrency software found serving AZORult malware

EXCLUSIVE –Hackers have compromised the GitHub account of the Denarius cryptocurrency project lead and have backdoored the Windows client with the AZORult infostealer malware. More security news The compromised Denarius cryptocurrency client –which node operators run on their servers to support the Denarius blockchain– was spotted earlier today by a security researcher named Misterch0c, who alerted ZDNet. … Latest news

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Double trouble: Two-pronged cyber attack infects victims with data-stealing trojan malware and ransomware

Cyber criminals are targeting victims with a two-pronged attack that secretly infiltrates systems with data-stealing malware, before dropping ransomware onto the infected system. Using Internet Explorer and Flash Player exploits delivered in the Fallout exploit kit, the campaign is distributed by what <a href="… Latest news

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This data-stealing Android malware infiltrated the Google Play Store, infecting users in 196 countries

Powerful Android malware capable of snooping on user location, communications logs, and stealing files and account credentials has been downloaded by at least 100,000 users around the world after successfully infiltrating the Google Play app store. Several applications uploaded to Google Play with the intention of distributing MobSTSPY malware have been detected by researchers at Trend Micro. The malware-laden apps ...

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Brazilian mobile users hit with banking malware

More than 2,000 mobile banking users in Brazil have unknowingly downloaded an Android-based malware that controlled devices and stole their confidential data. According to virus specialists Doctor Web, cybercriminals were distributing the Android.BankBot.495.origin trojan on Google Play under the guise of applications that supposedly allowed WhatsApp monitoring of Android-based devices. When launched, the malware would attempt to gain access to ...

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Bitcoin malware attacks high in India

Express News Service HYDERABAD:  Bitcoin miners beware! India ranked at the top of the list of countries affected by a malware called ‘Trojan.Win64.Miner./Trojan.Win32.Miner’. A study, conducted to document the shift of cybercriminals towards new crypto mining, found that 23.58 per cent of all ‘Trojan.Win32.Miner.ays/’ cryptocurrency attacks were in India. Russia came to a close second with 18.45 per cent of the ...

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8 tips for avoiding phishing, malware, scams, and hacks while holiday shopping online

More about cybersecurity Shopify predicts that online holiday sales in 2018 will be $ 23 billion greater than in 2017. As the number of online shoppers increases, the appeal for cybercriminals to target them grows as well, leading to the development of new tactics to circumvent antivirus software, beat web filters, and confuse targets into giving up secrets. It’s easier ...

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