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For all its noble aspirations, social media is pure business

Of late, people on Twitter have noticed that Twitter blocks accounts of people who complain against harassment of women. But men who harass women go scot free. It is no coincidence that the men who harass women seem to be associated with powerful political organisations while the women who complain are not. It is not clear, therefore, whether the act, ...

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After Social Media Bans, Militant Groups Found Ways to Remain

SAN FRANCISCO — In July 2013, a broadcaster affiliated with the Islamist group Hezbollah posted a threatening video on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It featured gun-toting militants practicing an ambush to kidnap Israeli soldiers. The message: This is how we kill you. In December, the broadcaster

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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business

All businesses want to be able to compete more effectively with their rivals. However, this can be a challenge in the current business world. For smaller businesses, it can be very difficult to compete with larger counterparts. However, this is something that has become a little easier thanks to digital technology and social media. People use online technology for many ...

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Media Memo: How to Cover 2020: Assume Nothing and Beware of Twitter

CHICAGO — Journalists have no idea how the 2020 election will play out. And that’s a good thing. Some of the country’s top political journalists came together last week for a gathering convened by the strategist David Axelrod, to talk about how to cover the presidential race in a way that won’t leave anybody dumbfounded on election night. The ideas ...

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2 Media Stocks Below $10: Should You Buy in April?

2 Media Stocks Below $ 10: Should You Buy in April? Old media stocks have encountered severe turbulence over the last two years. Changing consumer behaviour represents a real threat to the legacy media, and traditional television providers are scrambling to adjust. This year has seen an increase in streaming services offerings. Some legacy media providers are attempting to dip ...

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