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How Corn Flakes became a million dollar idea

Corn Flakes are the world’s most popular breakfast food. But did you know they were invented by a penny-pinching American doctor who thought they’d be the cure for sex mania? Aaron Heslehurst explains how they came to be a million dollar idea. Video producer: Jeremy Howell … BBC News – Business

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Google to pay $40 million for Fossil's secret smartwatch tech – new products incoming – Wareable

The Fossil Group and Google have exclusively revealed to Wareable that Google will pay Fossil $ 40 million to buy intellectual property related to a smartwatch technology currently under development. The deal, which will see some of Fossil’s R&D team joining Google, will result in the launch of a “new product innovation that’s not yet hit the market”. That’s according ...

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Google paid $40 million for a mystery piece of smartwatch technology from fashion brand Fossil (GOOG, GOOGL, FOSL) – Pulse Nigeria

On Thursday, Google announced a $ 40 million deal to purchase smartwatch technology from the fashion brand Fossil. As part of the deal, Google will also acquire part of Fossil’s R&D team that currently supports the mystery tech which neither company has given much detail about. Fossil exec Greg McKelvey hinted that the deal with Google will result in a ...

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Google just spent $40 million for Fossil’s secret smartwatch tech

Google and watchmaker Fossil Group today announced an agreement for the search giant to acquire some of Fossil’s smartwatch technology and members of the research and development division responsible for creating it. The deal is worth roughly $ 40 million, and under the current terms Fossil will transfer a “portion” of its R&D team, the portion directly responsible for the ...

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A look at Birdies, the popular slipper shoe startup that just raised $8 million more from investors

Bianca Gates is a first-generation American, her parents having immigrated to the U.S. from Latin America. As such, she says, after graduating from UC Irvine, she was expected to get a safe job with a 401(k) plan and to live with her parents until she was married. Things haven’t gone exactly that way, but one can imagine Gates’s parents feeling pretty ...

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