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This company just sold one million phones in 22 days

Ever heard of the smartphone company OnePlus? That’s about to change. On Thursday, the company announced it has sold one million units of its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 6, in just 22 days. The phone is currently available in 36 countries. Read also: <a href="… Latest news

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Samsung won't be forced to update old phones

Image copyright Getty Images Samsung will not be forced to update the software on its mobile phones for years after their release, after it won a court case in the Netherlands. A consumer association had argued that Samsung should update its phones for at least four years aft… BBC News – Technology

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Pentagon tells U.S. military bases to stop selling ZTE, Huawei phones

<img src="" data-hi-res-src="×0/" data-low-res-src="" data-raw-src="https://arc-anglerfish-washpost-prod-washpost.s3.amazonaws… Business

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Cancer researchers need phones to process data

Image copyright Getty Images A cancer research team hopes to build a network of more than 100,000 UK smartphones to help process data while their owners sleep. Phone owners can get involved by downloading an app and donating some of their wi-fi or data plan. The handsets … BBC News – Technology

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