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How to use Google Fi on non-Google phones

Image: Google Google’s cellular service, Project Fi, has entered a new era, shedding its project designation in favor of a new name: Google Fi. Along with joining Google’s lineup as a more official product, Google Fi has extended its list of available phones, and it isn’t restricted to GSM phones—CDMA devices will work on Google Fi too. <div class="relatedContent pinbox ...

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HTC gearing up for blockchain phones, 5G mobile hubs

HTC gearing up for blockchain phones, 5G mobile hubs Max Wang, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES Friday 7 December 2018 HTC is striving to make a turnaround in 2019 by accelerating its development of blockchain-focused smartphones and new mobile products for the upcoming 5G era, according to industry sources. The company announced on December 5 that it has begun global shipments ...

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Tech: The beginner’s guide to tech in 2018: All of the essential phones and gadgets that are actually worth your money

It’s 2018, and you’re not very familiar with technology. Where do you start? While there are tons of gadgets and services out there vying for your attention and your dollars, there are a handful of "essential" technologies that are absolutely worth investing in, as they make your life easier in significant ways. Here’s your guide to all the essential technologies ...

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Shoppers used their phones to spend $1 billion this Thanksgiving

Shoppers weren’t afraid to pull out their smartphones to shop on Thanksgiving, to the tune of $ 1 billion. div > > p:first-child”> Sales online Thanksgiving Day totaled $ 3.7 billion, up 28 percent from a year ago, Adobe Analytics said in a report. That makes Thursday the fastest-growing day for e-commerce sales in history, added the firm, which ...

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FCC lets U.S. phones access EU satellites for 3-foot location accuracy

Until now, consumer devices sold in the United States have relied on imprecise data from U.S.-developed GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites for location-tracking services, but that’s about to change for the better. The FCC has voted to allow U.S. consumers to access more precise data from European Galileo satellites, improving location accuracy in some cases from prior 10- to 15-foot distances ...

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Blockchain could be as revolutionary as phones

NEW DELHI: This is bonkers. A new so-called blockchain company is selling virtual real estate online with prices as high as $ 120,000 for a 10-meter by 10-meter piece of virtual land. You can buy a plot of virtual land in a virtual city, with certain neighbourhoods costing more than others, like in a real city. Except that it isn’t ...

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