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Google bans logins from embedded browser frameworks to prevent MitM phishing

Google announced today a security update for the Google user login system that the company hopes will improve its overall security protections against MitM-based phishing attacks. According to Jonathan Skelker, Product Manager and Account Security for Google, the company plans to block any user login attempts initiated from an embedded browser framework technology. This includes any logins attempted from tools ...

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How to prevent spear phishing attacks: 8 tips for your business

Spear phishing attacks, including business email compromise and brand impersonation, are on the rise, according to Barracuda. Spear phishing attacks continue to increase in popularity among cybercriminals, and businesses must take steps to protect against them or risk seeing sensitive information stolen, according to a Tuesday report from Barracuda. More about cybersecurity These highly personalized email attacks involve a hacker ...

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States need to do more to prevent disease, help residents lead healthier lives, lower healthcare costs, and increase productivity

[unable to retrieve full-text content] … residents lead healthier lives, lower healthcare costs, and increase productivity by … importance of multisector solutions beyond healthcare. This means looking beyond traditional … can keep people healthy, lower healthcare costs, and increase productivity. …… Healthcare Industry News

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