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Small business tax deduction a puzzler

NEW YORK — Millions of small business owners will be in uncharted waters this tax season as they try to determine if they qualify for a deduction that could exempt one-fifth of their income from taxes. Five months after the IRS issued guidelines to help business owners and tax advisers understand how the complex deduction works, accountants and tax attorneys ...

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Blind review: A puzzler that leaves you in the dark

I’d love to tell you that Blind’s infuriating puzzles are frustrating for the right reasons, but I can’t. Tiny Bull Studios’ efforts to put you in the shoes of a blind person, giving you a taste of what life is like without sight are thoughtfully delivered and will stay with me for long after this review. Sadly, it’s the more ...

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Cat Nigiri found the solution for its Keen puzzler in Asia, not the U.S.

Keen’s turn-based combat combines sliding-tile puzzles and dungeon-crawling, and it features a cutesy cartoon aesthetic. It is developer Cat Nigiri’s latest game, and it’s slated for a release on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices in February. And though the studio originally targeted the U.S. market, it has discovered that its biggest fans come from Asia. I interviewed ...

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