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The HGTV effect: 60% of home shoppers are willing to renovate

About 60% of people looking to buy a home are willing to consider a property that needs renovating as rising prices make it harder to afford a turn-key listing, according to Most of them were inspired to take on the projects by watching TV home renovation shows on networks like HGTV, according to the report. “Whether it is seeing ...

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Want To Buy And Renovate A Property Overseas? 9 Things To Consider

If you’ve ever seen a movie like under the Tuscan sun, you’ve undoubtedly had your own Italian farmhouse renovation fantasy. But how real is it to think about buying property in a place that requires changing currency and a long plane ride? “Buying and restoring a fixer-upper in another country…It can be an appealing idea,” said Huffington Post. “Houses in ...

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FBI, SEC looking into PACE lender Renovate America

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission are looking into the business of the nation’s largest green lenders. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI and SEC are probing the business of Renovate America, which provides loans as part of the Property Assessed Cl… Homeowners

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