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Govt shuts down as lawmakers search for a deal

This is the first modern government shutdown with Congress and the White House controlled by the same party, and it comes on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s White House however immediately blamed Democrats for the shutdown. “Tonight, they put politics above our national security, military families, vulnerable children, and our country’s ability to serve… Business and ...

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The CEO of Investopedia breaks down 2017's top search terms — you can probably guess what was No.1

Investopedia Investopedia, an online glossary of financial terms and concepts, gets over 30 million monthly visitors We spoke to CEO David Siegel about bitcoin, blockchain, and how high cryptocurrencies can go.  Investopedia, the online glossary of terms you were probably too embarrassed to admit you didn’t actually know, has ten times the amount of retirement content as it does about ...

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Vendor Surf launches housing and mortgage services search engine

Vendor Surf is a mortgage tech company out of St. Louis and they’ve got big plans. Their latest venture is the launch of a search engine of the same name, to help those who are searching for assistance in any part of the mortgage macrocosm. Need contact info for Safeguard Properties, for example? Vendor Surf can find that for you. ...

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'Meghan Markle' and 'fidget spinners' top UK Google search

“Meghan Markle”, fiancee to Prince Harry, has been revealed by Google as the top most searched term in the UK for 2017. It puts the royal bride-to-be ahead of “iPhone 8” and “Hurricane Irma” in the list of top search terms. The Manchester bombing and Grenfell Tower also featured in the top 10. The UK election featured heavily in the ...

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