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NASDAQ, S&P Recover Last Week’s Losses… And Then Some!

What a change of pace! The NASDAQ and the S&P more than made up for last week’s losses as the market resoundingly snapped out of its recent malaise Remember how we couldn’t close even slightly higher last week? The major indices each dropped by more than 2% as investors worried that we may have turned a corner from the good ...

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Database leaks 250K legal documents, some marked 'not designated for publication'

A database containing 257,287 legal documents, with some marked as “not designated for publication,” was left exposed on the public internet without a password, allowing anyone to access and download a treasure trove of sensitive legal materials. The database, which was left online for roughly two weeks, contained unpublished legal documents relating to US court cases, the security researcher who ...

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Why some investors say tech stocks are becoming less risky

The technology sector has long been thought of as the classic cyclical investment, with tech companies typically selling nonessential products and services to businesses and consumers and their stocks often supported by high revenue growth projections that come undone during economic downturns. But according to some investors and analysts, market participants are beginning to re-evaluate just how cyclical the information ...

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