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Here’s what robots destroy when they compete with humans

Robots are jerks. That’s according to the demoralized humans who played against the machines for money in a recent Cornell University-led experiment shedding light on what can happen to worker’s drive in an increasingly automated workplace. When humans unsuccessfully vied against a robot arm for cash prizes, participants ended up viewing themselves as less competent, didn’t try as hard, and ...

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Ring of Thieves Swipes $150,000 From Buggy Bitcoin ATMs, and Police Can't Figure Out Who They Are

A group of bitcoin bandits hit paydirt by taking advantage of buggy cryptocurrency ATMs in seven Canadian cities, according to police, netting a $ 195,000 CAN score—about $ 150,000 U.S. And Toronto police are asking for help identifying the suspects. The fraudulent transactions took place over a 10-day period from September 16 to 26 last year, and targeted a whopping ...

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This Is When Women Start Being Underpaid And How They Can Break Free

What Women Want Now is a program by HuffPost and her sister sites dedicated to creating content about the issues and stories that matter most to women. Read more here. Join the conversation with #WhatWomenWantNow. Most people go to work with the promise that their hard work will be fairly rewarded. And for 19 years, that’s what Lilly Ledbetter did.

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