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Stocks – Dow Downed by Toxic Turkey, Plunging Energy Stocks

© Reuters. Macy’s stock sunk 15% on Wednesday – The Dow posted tripled digit losses Wednesday as plunging oil prices sent energy stocks tumbling, and a rout in global markets hurt performance. The fell about 0.54%. The fell 0.76%, while the fell about 1.23%. U.S. stocks struggled to sidestep a rout in global markets on fears economic chaos. There ...

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5 signs that you're in a toxic relationship

Sex isn’t everything, and it should never, ever be forced or expected. But if you find that your normally-high sex drive has taken a downward swing beyond the natural ebb and flow of your body’s usual libido levels, something could be up, especially if you’re still attracted to or want to be aroused when it comes to your partner. Scientific ...

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UBS reaches $230 million settlement with New York over toxic mortgage bonds

For the second time this month, the state of New York has reached a massive settlement with a bank that ends in “BS.” Earlier this month, New York reached a $ 500 million settlement with the Royal Bank of Scotland over the bank’s “deceptive practices and misrepresentations to investors in connection with the packaging, marketing, sale, and issuance of… Investments

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