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U.S. Risks Roiling Oil Markets in Trying to Tighten Sanctions

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has reached a critical juncture in its efforts to tighten United States oil sanctions against Iran and Venezuela. By pressuring China and India to end or sharply reduce oil purchases from Iran and Venezuela, American officials are seeking to cut off a key economic lifeline for what the administration considers to be two rogue nations ...

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Stop trying to solve Brexit with blockchain

When Brits headed to the polls in June 2016 and narrowly voted to Brexit, the United Kingdom was thrown into a dark puddle of water – one so murky that it’s proved difficult for lawmakers, politicians, government, and civilians to navigate ever since. If, and when, it hap… Blockchain Search Results

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A startup trying to detect endometriosis through ‘smart tampons’ just landed $9 million in Series A funding

There’s no shortage of so-called femtech startups raising money right now, and little wonder why. Aside from the growing market opportunity — the global fertility services market is expected to reach $ 31 billion by 2023, says the consultancy Allied Market Research, nearly double where it stood in 2016 — more women are clamoring for information about their reproductive health, ...

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The people trying to save the High Street

A restaurant in Leek, Staffordshire, is selling burgers for £5 as part of a campaign to boost sales on the High Street and encourage people to spend £5 in local independent shops. Elsewhere, in Doncaster, the council has invested £50m in new buildings, reduced the empty shop rate, and increased the number of people in the town. Produced by Colletta ...

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